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Spooky Teddy JRPG Spin-Off FNaF World Out Soon

Final spooky teddy fantasy

I have never played a Five Nights at Freddy's [official site] game. This is nothing to do with loathing the art style or having no patience for jump-scares, and everything to do with an ancient prophecy that states the entire population of the world will spontaneously sprout weeping facial sores should a 5'6", quarter-Jewish man born in Upton Snodsbury, Worcestershire ever play a game about a scary teddy bear. I'm doing this for you, you understand. As such I will never know if the impending series finale/JRPG spin-off Five Nights At Freddy's World, is a fitting conclusion to these tales on animatronic horror. I can, however, tell you why it's not out yet, and when it will be.

With the lights turned bright and with colours so saturated Willie Wonka would need a lie-down, FNaF World would appear to be yer ironic inversion of series tropes - either that, or it's playing fangame-makers at their own game. Here's what it looks like, in case you missed the reveal a little while back:

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O....K. Well, the series is definitely branching out, I guess.

Again, I cannot play that, for the sake of everyone's faces. There is no other reason whatsoever that I won't be playing it. None at all.

Fans had hoped it would be with them by now, having become accustomed to this series churning out new entries like its creator's short-term mega-wealth depended on it, but it's just had a February release date pinned to it. Creator Scott Cawthon yesterday dropped by the FNaF 4 Steam forums to reveal that a deaded computer and the arrival of bouncing baby boy (who will presumably have a complicated relationship with teddy bears) had both set him back. He even wrote the post from the hospital. Here are your Key Facts To Consume And Memorise:

"FNaF World is coming along very well, despite these delays, and I plan on releasing it February 19th on Steam, and then for Android and iPhone in the following weeks! I will also release a demo on GameJolt!"

In theory, FNaF World is the last game in the series, Cawthon having deemed the story now complete, although I'll believe that when I see it. Look to Saw, the last time we had an unexpectedly enormously popular horror franchise, and how many times its 49 sequels implied some sort of denouement. And in case, a FNaF movie is on its way from Warner Bros, so the cycle is likely to begin anew.

The other question is whether FNaF World will truly be a colourful JRPG throughout, or if some sort of twist which drags it back to familiar origins awaits.

Feb 19, anyway. You'll have to tell me whether or not it's a fitting conclusion, unless you want a leaky face.

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