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Foot-to-Ball Commander 2013 Demonstration Edition

This year as with every year, there is a brand new edition of Sports Interactive's management goliath Foot-to-Ball Commander. The 2013 version is out next week, in fact. New features this year include over 17 new types of decomposing tobacco breath odorants to add to your manager's Unhinged Bellow attack, the option to hurl the most racist members of your premiership team into the heart of the sun and the exclusive Gary Lineker's Leaving Your Wife Of 20 To Shack Up With An Underwear Model Time Attack mode.

Also there's a demo, out now on Steam.

The 3.1GB demo allows for six in-game months of foot-to-ball commanding, and your savegames from it will carry on over into the full game.

Other new features in this year's game include an improve match engine (surely that's a given by now?) and the aforementioned 'Classic' mode, aimed at those who remember when this were all fields and all this modern graph and sub-sub-sub-manager stuff is a bit too much, by Jove.

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