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Quick Pitch: Football Manager 2014 Trailers

I exist outside of popular culture*. I've only just started to watch The Shield, and I mostly listened to Use Your Illusion II this weekend. So I had to Google 'Gareth Bale' to find out why everyone was talking about him, which in turn reminded me that Football Manager 2014 is coming out, and that I should get with the times. The managerial machination sim would have prepared me for the news about a Welsh person's move to a Spanish place for more money that exists in space and time, and it would also have told me about his abilities, stats, training schedule, and possibly his cup size, but it's not out yet and I refuse to be left behind again by looking at 2013's information. I'll wait for 2014's release, and keep up by watching these videos of the game in action.

The world's most popular player prodder often goes through a swathe of changes from one year to the next, and 2014 is promising 1,000 improvements over 2013. It looks like they're trying to give managers the ability to parse a lot of information at a glance, which is important for a UI driven game. Deeper information is there for those who want to fall down that rabbit hole.

It'll be out sometime towards the end of 2013.

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

*I'm not trying to be cool. I am just very boring.

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