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For Honor gets dressed up as Assassin's Creed for the holidays

Every crossover is permitted

For Honor may have bounced back from the brink, but that hasn't saved it from being subsumed into the UbiGame collective, becoming an Assassin's Creed game for the holidays. Ubisoft's clever online take on the fighting game genre is largely transformed by the For The Creed event until January 10th, now featuring armies of Assassins and Templars fighting in the Animus. The event features a time-limited spin on Dominion mode, where players aim to hack through enough of the enemy grunts to draw out the rival commander, including AC characters like Ezio Auditore (yay!) and Cesare Borgia (boo, hiss!). Take a peek at the trailer below.

It is admittedly impressive how far they've gone with this crossover. Their Halloween bash earlier in the year amusingly turned all the grunt soldiers into skeletons (truly, we are cursed to fight in this skeleton war forever), but didn't do too much else. This feels like a far more momentous showcase of the game, and while the changes are mostly cosmetic, they've gone all the way. You can do fancy Assassin's Creed dive-stab attacks, swing around some familiar weapons and (of course) use the stabby little hidden wrist-blade to gut some rivals online. There's some pricey permanent items to buy, if you're not up to grinding for goodies before January 10th.

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Once this event ends, Ubisoft still have some plans for the game over the course of 2019, although their development roadmap looks pretty straightforward to me. Four new gender-selectable heroes are on the way, with a Knight early in the year, followed by a Samurai, a Viking and a new Wu Lin character sometime after the next Halloween event. There'll be some manner of seasonal event accompanying each character's release, not counting Halloween. There'll be some new maps (free for everyone) too, and they'll continue balancing the game plus a year-long season pass including the new heroes.

For Honor is also on sale on the Ubisoft store - 67% off (£8.58/€9.90/$10.88) for the base version of the game and 50% off (£20.99/€24.99/$30) the new edition with the recent Marching Fire expansion.

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