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Former BioWare manager Casey Hudson has founded a new studio

"We combine excellence in the arts with advanced sciences"

Back in December, Casey Hudson left his role as general manager at BioWare, after having been with the Mass Effect and Dragon Age developers on and off for two decades. With a big departure like that, it was a wonder what he'd get up to next. But now Hudson has revealed he's founded his own company, Humanoid Studios, and is currently working on a new game.

"Today we are announcing a new independent video game company built to unleash the creative freedom of developers - bringing innovation and artistry to players through an all-new IP," he Tweeted last night. "We are Humanoid Studios.This is the first tiny step in our journey, and we hope you'll come along with us on the adventure."

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Beyond that, we don't know much about what Humanoid will actually be making. On the studio's website, it says they "combine excellence in the arts with advanced sciences to deliver the future of interactive entertainment." They're also hiring for a number of senior roles, and the description for each says you'll be joining a "diverse team of talented developers creating an immersive new universe of story, character, and discovery."

Hudson's experience at BioWare was predominantly with their sci-fi games. He was project director for Mass Effect, before leaving for a bit, then coming back to take on his role as general studio manager and work on the ill-fated Anthem.

I was going to speculate a bit by mentioning his background and this new talk about "advanced sciences" and "immersive universes" to say: Hey! Maybe it's sci-fi related. But even that feels like a stretch given the lack of information. I look forward to finding out more though, it would be nice to have more BioWare-like games out of a studio that isn't BioWare.

Casey Hudson left BioWare last year alongside Dragon Age's executive producer, Mark Darrah: two huge departures considering the studio is currently working on new entries to both the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series. But while Hudson has his new studio, Darrah hasn't publicly made any moves to dive back into game dev just yet. However, he does have a YouTube channel where he shares game development tips, and sometimes chats about his time working on the Dragon Age series.

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