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New Mass Effect teaser trailer has Liara in it

She's picking up some N7 armour from a snowy planet

I can hardly believe my eyes, but BioWare just revealed a teaser trailer for the next Mass Effect at The Game Awards - and Liara was in it. Blue space-wife Liara from the Mass effect trilogy was in the new Mass Effect teaser, exploring a snowy planet and picking up a discarded piece of N7 armour. What does this mean for Mass Effect 5? Will it be set in the Milky Way after all? Is Andromeda done? Who knows! Watch the trailer below and come be excited with me.

Cover image for YouTube video

I am shocked, confused, and delighted. BioWare revealed they were working on a new Mass Effect mere weeks ago, and I thought from the initial teaser images BioWare released that the next game would be set in Andromeda galaxy. I suppose it still could be, but judging from this trailer there's clearly some business to be finished in the Milky Way.

If the reaper noises early on didn't catch your attention, then how about Liara picking up what is very likely a piece of Shepard's destroyed N7 armour? Asari live for centuries so this could be hundreds of years after Shepard ended, but it's safe to say I'm more intrigued than ever.

What a treat. BioWare have been saving all their good stuff for tonight, clearly, because they revealed a cool new Dragon Age trailer, too, with yet another familiar face in it.

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