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Former Dragon Age director's new game has Zelda's physics powers and Colossus' climbable bosses

Eternal Strands is due for release next year

The player hang's from a giant enemy's head in Eternal Strands.
Image credit: Yellow Brick Games

Former Dragon Age director Mike Laidlaw is making a new fantasy game. Eternal Strands is third-person adventure pitched as a mixture of Shadow Of The Colossus and Monster Hunter with Tears Of The Kingdom's physics powers. The trailer, which you'll find below, certainly has giants you can clamber across and spray with goop.

Eternal Strands announcement trailer.Watch on YouTube

Players take control of Brynn, one of a vanishing group of magic users known as Weavers. There has been, of course, a cataclysmic event that has destroyed much of Brynn's world, and players are setting out to save their home. It's due for release in 2025.

Laidlaw has been teasing a new fantasy game for a while. It'll be the first release from Yellow Brick Games, the studio Laidlaw set up in Quebec with other former BioWare and Ubisoft developers. (Laidlaw had worked at Ubisoft for a couple of years, reportedly on a cancelled Arthurian RPG.)

If I was making a new fantasy game, I would definitely announce it by immediately comparing it to the three most beloved fantasy games/series in existence. Eternal Strands does look pretty cool to my eye, mind. I am never not excited to be able to climb up enemies, a thing that my '90s gamer brain still thinks should be impossible.

The video above is from IGN, who will have more coverage across the month of April.

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