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Fortnite will host a short film festival this weekend

No, not machinima

After showing musical extravaganzas, movie trailers, and even Incept and Batman in full, Fortnite's social space will next host a short film festival. A dozen animated short films will be screened on the in-game cinema on a cycle across Saturday and Sunday - actual proper short films, many from actual proper film festivals. Have a peek in the trailer below.

Short Nite, as it's called, will be held at the Big Screen cinema on the Party Royale island. You can also watch while playing with picture-in-picture. It's due to start at 7pm GMT (11am Pacific) on Friday the 20th of February and repeat until 7pm on Sunday the 21st. And yup, it's free.

I do like a good short film festival (I saw the virtual Ocean Film Festival just the other week) so sure, I'll be tempted back into Fortnite to check these out. While the Fortnite film-watching experience of being surrounded by flossing bananas and booped by quad bikes boop you isn't ideal for something like Inception, for fun shorties, yeah go on.

Fortnite offered all sorts of fun virtual events at a time when outside just, like, wasn't happening. Sure, I imagine a lot of that was advertising that would've been planned gone ahead anyway, but it was welcome during The Year That Didn't Happen and it's still welcome in The Other Year That's Not Happening.

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