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Fortnite will screen a full Christopher Nolan film in-game for free

It's gotta be Inception, right?

The in-world cinema of Fortnite will screen a yet-unconfirmed old Christopher Nolan film for free this summer, Epic have revealed after debuting a trailer for his new film, Tenet. It's going to be Inception they show, isn't it? Gotta be. Inception turns ten in July, it's like a big ol' video game itself, they could add fun in-game effects with folding worlds and slowed time... it'd make sense. I mean, it's probably not going to be Memento, is it? But first, Tenet.

After debuting last night, Fortnite's Party Mode is currently showing the new Tenet trailer in its open-air cinema every hour, on the hour. Tenet is an action film which, in that Christopher Nolan way, screws with dimensions - in this case, time. Looks like lads will have sci-fantasy powers to see the future or be in the future or summat, and there's bits where time goes backwards and forwards at the same time and... look, just watch:

The trailer is bookended in-game by an interview between Tenet's star, John David Washington and the omnipresent Geoff Keighley. The Schick Hydrobot's bestie revealed, "This summer, we will be screening an iconic Christopher Nolan full-length feature film right here on the big screen." Inception does seem a likely one.

Given the wild effects and shows Epic have put on while advertising things like Travis Scott's new song, they could do some magic stuff for Inception. I'd go in-game to watch it again like that. They'll have to do something special, really. As I found out when I went to watch the trailer myself, the standard cinema-going experience doesn't really work when a catman keeps wanting to high-five, you're getting bumped by a banana on a quad bike, and Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is flossing on you.

Fortnite is rated T for Teen so they could get away with quite a few films. If the screening would be more advertising than altruism, I suppose a Batman could also be a fair possibility. Fortnite is already chummy with DC Comics, having Batman, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn skins. And it has a Tenet tie-in, because Tenet co-star R-Pattz is in the next Batman film as the caped crusader's chum, the billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne.

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