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Fortnite's new event mode is basically Counter-Strike

Classic attack and defense, but "Fortnite-ified"

It's time for another one of those limited time Fortnite events and (if you hadn't heard) it's currently February so Epic have gone with a Valentine's sort of theme with the title Love And War. As it do with Fortnite events, there's a new game mode to try out and new themed costumes to buy as well. The new game mode is a decidedly Counter-Strike inspired attack and defense mode with teams of six.

Fortnite's Love And War event will run from today, Febrary 5th, through the 17th. It adds a new game mode called Search And Destroy, a community-made mode. I guess it's no surprise that fans have cooked this one up as my first thought when reading the rules was "wait, that's Counter-Strike, innit?" Basically, yeah.

Epic call it "a classic Attack and Defend game... Fortnite-ified." Teams of six will face off in up to 11 rounds to grab a victory by either destroying the bomb site as attackers, defending it as defenders, or by eliminating the opposing team of 6. You even earn gold to buy weapons between rounds. You can also earn a free pickaxe, emote, and some other goods by participating in Love And War, Epic say.

Along with Love And War, Epic released the Fortnite v11.50 update. The biggest change is Fortnite's move to Unreal Engine's Chaos physics system, though Epic are hoping you won't notice the difference. "At launch, our goal is to ensure that Fortnite still feels like what you would expect," they say. Unfortunately it seems the changes are not at all going unnoticed, judging by issues that players have been reporting since the update landed.

A number of other issues have begun cropping up on Reddit ranging from silly capes on heads, to the annoying weak points not correctly registering while harvesting, to more egregious downed teammates being thrown through the map. Another player was able to walk through walls after building them. Epic have responded to several reported issues saying they are aware and investigating.

Tried to revive him but threw him through the map instead
by u/danniee48 in FortNiteBR

It's not clear which issues are directly related to Chaos but it seems to be a likely culprit, given the update today. If you see folks walking through walls, maybe go to the Feedback tool in Fortnite's menu and report a bug with the subject "Physics" as Epic suggest rather than reporting that fish head for hacking, eh? At least for now.

Earlier today folks were expecting to see a Birds Of Prey-themed event to go along with the Harley Quinn skins unearthed by routine Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi. It seemed like good timing, given the movie's release this Friday and the tease from Epic last month when it tweeted at the Warner Bros account "See you soon Harley!" Not often these dataminers get things wrong so perhaps Harley is still on her way later in the week. For now, Love And War is is.

You can read the rest of the details about Love And War and the Search And Destroy mode rules on Epic's website.

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