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Fortnite Season 4 has Marvel Comics supervillain Galactus trying to gobble up the island

Time to battle Marvel's planet gobbler, Galactus

Marvel's planet-gobbler, Galactus, is the new looming threat over Fortnite with Chapter 2: Season 4 starting today. The battle royale's new season is one big Avengers-style crossover called Nexus War, and it's brought loads of unlockable superhero outfits to dress up in while you battle the world-eater. Skins for heroes including Iron Man, She-Hulk, Wolverine and a bunch of others can be unlocked in the battle pass, and you'll be able to take on a few different superpowers in matches - you'll also be using these on each other, it is a battle royale, after all.

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So, there's loads of Marvel stuff littered around the island now, like the Helicarrier, and even Doctor Doom's house. If you go there and beat up Doctor Doom himself you'll be able to use his special Arcane Gauntlets to zap buildings and other players. Other powers you'll be able to use include Groot's Bramble Shield and the Silver Surfer's Board, with more arriving later in the season, too. These don't come with the skins for the characters, mind you, they're separate powerups that can be found in games. There's a special new Stark Industries gun as well, that changes effects depending on how you aim it.

Naturally, this new season comes with a new battle pass with loads of things to unlock - including the aforementioned superheroes, as well as outfits for the likes of Thor, Storm, Mystique and Groot. Each of these has a special mission you can do with them to get a nice emote for them as well.

Check out more details about Chapter 2: Season 4 over on Fortnite's website. The game has crossed over with Marvel Comics before, including a big Avengers: Endgame event last yearan Infinity Gauntlet in 2018, but not on this scale.

If you want Iron Man but not Fortnite, Marvel's Avengers is out next week from Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics.

The Marvel stuff is cool, but it still isn't the biggest news Fortnite's been involved in over the last couple of weeks. After Epic Games added a new payment option which bypassed Apple and Google's payment systems on mobile, Fortnite was booted from both the App Store and the Play Store. Epic then filed lawsuits against the companies accusing them both of "monopolistic" and "anti-competitive" behaviour. They also risked losing Apple accounts they need to continue Unreal Engine on Mac and iOS, which could harm many developers, but a court has decided it's safe for now. Fortnite is still firmly planted on the mobile naughty step for now.

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