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OOTP Gets NHL License For Next Hockey Manager

Iced hockey

Our Adam raves about the Out of the Park Baseball series but apparently we've not even mentioned its makers' iced hockey series. Franchise Hockey Manager 3 [official site] will be coming on October 17, creators OOTP Developments have announced, and for the first time it'll have an official NHL license.

This means virtual managers will get to play as proper National Iced Hockey League teams with their correct logos, uniforms and all that, as well as lift the Stanley Cup [a trophy named after Stan L'Hockey, the chap who invented the sport while trying to retrieve his dropped dentures from a frozen pond with a branch -sports ed.].

So yes, For Him Magazine 3 will give official teams their official keks, but there's more. One shiny new bit is a new 'Path To Glory' mode, which OOTP call "A streamlined and more approachable way to play, with improved game and information flow as well as news from around the world that impacts your experience."

It'll also bring a new role-based tactical system, which OOTP say "Allows the coach to choose from a variety of pre-set tactics to build their team's 'system' and then assign players specific roles that fit into that system."

Those are sports things, for sports.

For Him Magazine 3 is coming to Windows and Mac on October 17. It'll cost $39.99.

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