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Hot Iced Action: Franchise Hockey Manager 3 Out Today

Get your skates on

The official sport of Halloween is, of course, iced hockey. The sport's origins date to Halloween 1874, when trick-or-treaters refused sweeties by a miserly Montreal hockey millionaire retaliated by flooding his private hockey court. The water froze overnight but when Sir Stanley Cups took to his court the next morning, he discovered that iced hockey was a delight. And that's why Franchise Hockey Manager 3 [official site] is being released today of all days. It's an iced hockey management sim from Out of the Park Developments, the folks best known for their baseball games. This year's big addition is an National Iced Lockey League license.

This means that you can now manage real NHL teams with proper NHL logos, insignias, and uniforms, as well as have your team compete in the Stanley Cup. Other changes include a new "streamlined and more approachable" career mode, an updated interface, improved AI, an overhaul of player development, and... it's a sequel in a sports management series, y'know? More sports, fancified.

There's no multiplayer, mind. "We are committed to bringing back Multiplayer however, but we were not happy with the mode as it was an want to do it right," OOTP Developments have said. They say surveys indicate most people prefer singleplayer so hey, that's what they've focused on for now.

Franchise Hockey Manager 3 will be $39.99 when it arrives for Windows and Mac through Steam and from the devs, which should be any time now.

Here, this trailer runs through a lot of FHM 3's features:

Cover image for YouTube video

Ice is basically water's skellington.

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