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Free Mass Effect 2 For Dragon Age II Owners

Coo - want Mass Effect 2 for free? If you've bought Dragon Age II, then it's already yours for the taking. Indeed, even if you buy a copy of Dragon Age II now, before 30th April, you can get the superb space-RPG for zero dollarpounds as well. This is, BioWare say, how they're celebrating their having sold one million copies of DA2 in two weeks.

I'm sure there must be a more cynical reason for this seeming generosity. Perhaps every time someone plays Mass Effect 2 a puppy-fairy dies, and their cafeteria is powered by the sadness of children. I imagine that's likely it.

This offer works for anyone who's bought Dragon Age II on any platform, so long as they still have their Online Pass code (or can retrieve it). There's instructions over on BioWare's site that explain how you can claim your copy. And you flipping well should, because Mass Effect 2 is ace. And contains a really quite splendid song.

The catches are tiny. You can only get your copy through EA's rubbish EA Store and EA Download Manager. I'm not sure who that's supposed to help, because being forced to use the thing certainly isn't going to encourage anyone to want to ever use it again. And of course it means that anyone who had their customer rights taken away by the Online Pass system, when buying a pre-owned copy, will need to go and pay their tithe to EA before being allowed to take advantage of the offer.

But for the vast majority, this is a case of a great thing for free. Or a really cheap present for someone if you already have ME2. So it's a win, really. Unless you're a puppy-fairy.

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