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Freeware Garden: The Coop Times

You have been prepared by Does Canned Rice Dream Of A Napkin Heap?, but the time has come to show off your skills of upward mobility. Stop telling aliens stories for a mere plate of food and start writing for The Coop Times for a decent and honest living.

The Coop Times, besides being a fictional newspaper run by an eternally disappointed editorial committee, is a wonderful little web game by Linebreak Collective that aims to once again get those creative fluids running by having you write.

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You play as a '50s styled journalist complete with typewriter and an inexhaustible supply of cigarettes, whose job is to write news articles. You'll be shown a very brief prompt, memorize its key details and then start typing. Manage five coherent lines before the dreaded deadline catches up with you, quickly press enter, add an appropriately catchy title and your stuff will be published here, for everyone to read.

Fail to be fast enough and you'll be fired. No more writing for esteemed publications for you and no more struggling to come up with something decently spelled when you can't delete a single letter you typed.

Still, creative writing with arcade gaming restrictions is a fantastic little something you really have to try at least once, if only to contribute to a wonderfully odd anthology of online stories. You'll be surprised at what you can accomplish under pressure.

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