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Frog Fractions, your favourite oddity browser game, is out now on Steam

It's all in your head

The 2012 browser game now has a Steam presence in Frog Fractions: Game Of The Decade Edition. It is, I suppose, an arcade game with an educational element - or perhaps more accurately a spoof of games with an educational element. You play as a wee frog who perches on a lilypad, defending your pond from waves of incoming flying insects by lashing out with your tongue.

The main gimmick is the scoring system, which eschews integers, and instead grants points in fractions, decimals, and indices - although it should be noted that you don't have to understand fractions to play the game, and it will not teach you to understand them either. And nothing else ever happens.

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There ya go. Frogs, fractions, a pond and that. A lot of people love the the frogs and the fractions. I played the original only briefly and was not able to stick with it, being aggressively uninterested in mental arithmetic since a series of abusively awful teachers completely and permanently reversed my enthusiasm. I used to do sums in my head while bored, and now the mere concept of numbers personally offends me, so it's probably not surprising that I was not taken with the maths game enough to push all the way through.

If I had stuck with it, for about an hour, I am told I would have seen this game getting weird. There is more than just maths, y'see, including unlockable cute things like riding a dragon and an increasingly difficult and strange typing game, and and...

Plus there's DLC that gives your frog a hat. Look, as a whole, the game is hard to describe. The base game is actually free, and the DLC is not, if you fancy folding donationware into Steam's structure.

Frog Fractions: Game of the Decade Edition is out now on Steam, for free.

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