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From DOOM 'Til DUSK: A New 'Classic' FPS Murderthon

For your DUSKtop computer

Hello, murder fans. We’ve already played DOOM and QUAKE and OTHERS, but the demand for caps-locked first-person shooters with gibs and chaos somehow seems to grow. So here is DUSK [official site], an FPS from publisher New Blood, which is paying tribute to the classics of the genre the only way it knows how: by killing everything in sight with shotguns, scythes and explosives. It looks like the hellish speed of Devil Daggers combined with a more traditional homicidal experience. If you're a fan of quick-paced killing, there’s a trailer down here.

We've seen glimpses of some of this stuff in a previous roundup video from the publisher but that's the full boyo. It's a short game from the sounds of things - the campaign mode is three ‘episodes’ long. You wake up in a backwater part of the American Northeast on a cultist's meat hook and have to fight your way through hordes of enemies, accompanied by a hardcore metal soundtrack from Andrew Hulshult, aka the guy who did the music for Brutal DOOM. Here’s what you can expect.

In three distinct campaign episodes hand-crafted from straight outta the 90’s, players battle through an onslaught of mystical backwater cultists, possessed militants and even darker forces and attempt to discover just what lurks beneath the earth. Featuring a vast arsenal of badass weaponry including saw blades, dual-wielded shotguns from 1887 and an incredibly necessary grenade launcher, DUSK is unapologetic retro action from start to finish.

There’s also an endless survival mode, which sees you face off against waves of baddies (is it enough to get Alice to give up her career in Devil Daggers?) and a 1v1 online arena where “darkness hosts the worst of humanity”. But we already knew that about the internet.

It’s being made by indie developer David Szymanski and is due out in 2017. Until then, you’ll have to get your gibs somewhere else. I swear I haven't got any.

I'm being serious, please leave.

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