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Furi developers announce romantic RPG Haven

In space, no one can hear you snuggle

Haven is the next from The Game Bakers, creators of frantic bullet hell hack n' slasher Furi - so far, it looks like a much gentler ride than its intense predecessor. Due next year, it's an RPG that can be played solo or with a "special someone", about a couple who have fled to an alien world to be together. There's not much to see of it yet beyond some lovely, scenic screenshots and a short teaser trailer below, but I can't deny that I'm digging the aesthetic, and hope to play this one with my significant other. Have a quick peek at the romantic alien landscapes below.

While we don't know much about the game, mechanically speaking, the teaser does give us an interesting glimpse at one element - as the couple float through the world, grass sprouts beneath them where there was previously only harsh red rock. I'm also hoping that there are buttons dedicated to holding hands and smooching, because why wouldn't there be? There's also a single screenshot of combat on the official page, showing each player given four options to deal with a large, mean-looking alien - Shield, Blast, Impact or Pacify, suggesting some non-violent solutions.

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Early shots also include the couple camping in a makeshift shelter, and at home arguing over whether you're allowed to have more than one breakfast (you are - it's space, there are no laws!). It all looks rather sweet, and so long as the game doesn't try to yank on heartstrings by having one of the characters die (given that it's a co-op game, that seems unlikely), I'm on board this love boat. The game will also feature music by French synth-smith Danger, who contributed a handful of tracks to Furi, too.

Haven is due out sometime next year. You can find a bit more on its official site and Steam store page.

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