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Gamelab conference has talks from Cyberpunk and Doom folks, free to watch from today

Some good talks!

Spanish video game development conference Gamelab starts today and, like everything else, it's gone online-only. Good news: you now don't need to go all the way to Barcelona to see talks and chats with folks including Cyberpunk tabletop RPG creator Mike Pondsmith, sweet Ken Levine, Xbox boss Phil Spencer, and Magic: The Gathering lead designer Mark Rosewater. Even our own Matthew is there, talking with some Id bods about Doom Eternal. Free to watch, Gamelab runs Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and does have some interesting-sounding sessions.

The schedule has a good spread of talks from big and small studios, with the continuing list of folks including Charlie Cleveland of Subnautica, Nigel Lowrie of Devolver Digital, Hugo Martin and Marty Stratton of Id, Amy Hennig of Uncharted, Counter-Strike creator Minh Le, Hannah Nicklin of Mutazione, Tim Willits formerly of Id... good stuff. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of these.

Head on over here to watch Gamelab. Most of the conference is in English, though a separate Spanish stream has it dubbed.

Gamelab have historically uploaded talks to their YouTube channel afterwards so I trust/hope these will be up for everyone to watch later too.

Disclosure: Hannah Nicklin has written for RPS and Matthew Castle (or Matt, as he's credited here like a cool youngster) obvs is a member of staff.

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