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GeoGuessr plus Wordle makes Wheredle, a daily Street View guessing game

Not already playing enough -dle games each day? Here you go!

Two smash-hit games combine in Wheredle, a daily puzzle game where you're dropped into a Google Street View look at a random state in the USA, and need to guess which one it is. Bit GeoGuessr, bit Wordle. You have seven attempts to guess the state, and each wrong answer gives you a hint by pointing, literally, in the right direction. Yes, this is pleasant enough.

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Simple enough: hit Wheredle's website to play. Each day, it drops players into a random place in the USA in Google Street View. All you have to do is say which state it's in. Not even the street, or the city—the state is enough. You have seven attempts to guess the state, with right and wrong answers marked in green and yellow blocks on a grid (an important element of -dle games).

On top of the GeoGuessr-y deduction of looking at landscapes, architecture, clothing, and maybe even a cheeky sign, you get hints from wrong answers. It'll shoot you an arrow pointing broadly in the direction of the correct state relative to your guess, which is probably a lot more helpful if you know US geography. I think I'm confident about maybe 15? But Illinois relative to Iowa, for example, nope.

I like Wheredle. Quick, simple, different, and maybe it'll show me interesting places. Thanks, developer Amber Sahdev. I don't think there's much glory to be gained by boasting about today's puzzle, because it seemed pretty obvious, but hooray for me:


GeoGuessr does have an official Daily Challenge mode but that's quite different to this. It has several rounds with several places, and is only for GeoGuessr Pro subscribers. Something nice and simple about a -dle like this.

If you want a -dle game which really challenges your global knowledge, Worldle is about guessing countries from their silhouette.

Ta to cheery RPS fanzine PC Gamer for pointing this one out.

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