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Get Wasteland 2 for free in GOG's Winter Sale


Now you've had almost a fortnight to recover from the dealbalst of Black Friday and Steam's autumn sale, here come GOG with their (premature*) Winter Sale. Thousands of games and bits are discounted on the DRM-free digital games store until Boxing Day and, to entice people in, GOG are offering a freebie. For the next day, you can grab Wasteland 2 for free for keepsies on GOG. This is inXile Entertainment's 2014 post-apocalyptic RPG, a crowdfunded sequel to the 1988 post-apocalyptic which later inspired Fallout. For free!

To get Wasteland 2 for free, head to GOG's front page and click the big green "Get it FREE" button. You'll need a GOG account to claim it, then it will come as a DRM-free download for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The "Director's Cut" label was applied in 2015 after a big free update with many improvements.

The giveaway ends at 2pm tomorrow, Friday the 13th, so hop to. Read our Wasteland 2 review if you need convincing to get a free game.

As for the sale itself, well, over 2500 games and DLCs and soundtracks and things are discounted. GOG may have made their name selling good old games but they sell plenty of new ones too these days. What do I recommend? Noita doesn't have a huge discount (20%) but it's a hell of a game.

GOG's Winter Sale began yesterday and will run until 2pm on December 26th, at which point the Box Day Sales will be in full swing. Deals. DEALS. DEALS. DEALS. DEALSL. DEALLDLEALALADALADSDELADSLADSLADSLADSLADSLAAADS.

* Winter starts on December 22nd and you meteorological calendar cowards can do one.

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