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Ghost ships are flying into Hardspace: Shipbreaker

The call is coming from inside the ship

Boarding and ripping open space ships as a contract shipbreaker was tough enough already. Hardspace: Shipbreaker has made its salvage simulation even more difficult with the new Haunted Frontier update that adds unmanned ghost ships to the game. if you're successful, congrats, Hardspace is getting stickers as rewards that you can slap on your tools. Good freelancer, don't complain. The update is out now along with other improvements and bug fixes to the early access game.

Lynx Corp, the fictional company that has your head for a terrifying amount of debt, cautions that these newly-discovered ships are dangerous. "These vessels traveled into the Frontier, only to return unmanned and open for salvaging," they say. "Lynx does not support the claims that these vessels are being piloted by 'a strange force', only that the navigation system is in immaculate condition for salvage!" The audio log from this poor pilot in the trailer makes it seem like there is absolutely some creepy force at work, no matter what Lynx say.

You can catch the rest of that audio log in a different video. Sounds like poor Ted probably met his end after being boarded by some kind of creepy crawlies that downed his ship's systems. "Dive into this new ship type, but watch out for what may have been brought back with them," Blackbird Interactive say. It may be that you'll be meeting face-to-face with whatever killed those pilots if you choose to cut up one of these haunted hulls.

Our Hardspace: Shipbreaker early access review calls ripping open ships therapeutic but perhaps it will be less so if you choose to jet off onto a spooked ship. That's on you.

Along with spooky ships, Blackbird have added a sticker system by which you can earn bits of personalization for your tools. They also say that remaining text-to-speech audio logs have been replaced with properly voice-acted versions. You can catch the rest of the bug fixes and notes in the Haunted Frontier post.

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