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Ghostwire: Tokyo is getting a prequel visual novel, on PC next week

It's already out for all you Playstation-havers

Upcoming action-adventure slash rain-soaked neon city simulator Ghostwire: Tokyo is getting a prequel in the form of a free visual novel. It'll be out on PC next week, ahead of the release of the main game later this month.

The prequel, called Ghostwire: Tokyo - Prelude, follows a mysterious figure called KK and their supernatural detective pals. You'll be unearthing the tale of a strange disappearance, and getting to know all your buddies better in the process. A real team bonding exercise.

Cover image for YouTube videoGhostwire: Tokyo Prelude Visual Novel – Official Launch Trailer

According to the developers' Tweet, this is "the case that leads to" the depopulated but ghost-infested city of Ghostwire: Tokyo proper. So I imagine it'll be a good demonstration of the vibes and themes you might expect from the full game, even if it's in a different genre. Alternatively, of course, you might just want to hang out with some superpowered cops and creepy folks with umbrellas for free, even if action adventure isn't your thing.

Alice Bee got a bit of a look at the main Ghostwire: Tokyo last month and declared that it looks "rad as hell," and better, "unashamedly strange."

"What excites me most about Ghostwire: Tokyo is that it seems prepared to just do loads of weird, strange stuff and not bother to really explain it," she wrote. "Who cares how you can send ghosts through the telephone? That's just how ghost rules work. Deal with it. Yeah, why wouldn't a ghost hunter use a bow and arrow? That makes perfect sense!"

Ghostwire: Tokyo - Prelude will be coming to the Epic Games Store for free on March 8. (It's already out on Playstation 4 and 5.) Ghostwire: Tokyo, the regular one, is scheduled to launch on March 25.

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