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Giant-slaying action-RPG Extinction stomps out on April 10th

Go over the ogre

Extinction is Iron Galaxy's action-RPG that asks "what would it look like if a race of giant alien ogres invaded the earth, and the only thing that could stop them was a bloke with a flaming sword and a grappling whip?" The answer: pretty darn cool.

I won't get to do any giant-slaying myself until the game comes out on April 10th, so for the time being I'll have to be sated with the trailer below. Think Attack on Titan, albeit with genero-club-wielding ogres rather than terrifying naked humans. Still though: grapple whips.

Cover image for YouTube video

Those ogres are called the Ravenii, and while they somehow possess the technology to transport themselves to our world they're only equipped with spikey clubs and minimal patches of metal armour. It's probably something to do with magic portals, innit?

While there's a distinct lack of any non-ogre-based giants to rumble with, the different armour types that the chap above talks about mean that you'll have to take a slightly different approach to each gargantuan. One armour type lets you grapple whip to it, so one strategy is to leave it on and grapple whip around the giant like a gnat crossed with Indiana Jones. The last armour type mentioned also sounds interesting, in that it's completely impenetrable - you'll have to find ways of dealing with those ogres that go beyond repeatedly stabbing them in the neck.

It's worth mentioning that while the focus might be on those giants, you also get to beat up some of their smaller friends. If you want to see some orcs and gargoyles getting biffed, here's another trailer.

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