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GNOG's Puzzleheads Still Look Delightful

Poking inside heads

I am quite keen to rummage in the giant puzzleheads of GNOG [official site]. They're teeny little rooms with plenty of things to press, pull, flip, open, rotate, lift, twist, twirl, plug in, and generally fiddle with. Developers Ko-op Mode have cited inspirations including Windosill and Polly Pocket toys and yes, that all sounds splendid. It looks gorgeous too. Check out this new trailer:

Splendid, isn't it? Each level is a different head in a different place, telling its own little stories through poking around and seeing what's going on.

I am very much in favour of strange boxes and fiddling with things. I once almost cried looking at hand-crafted dioramas in jewellery boxes in a specialist dolls' house shop, so beautiful were the small things.

GNOG (previously known as Gnah!) was once due this year but now we're looking at early 2017. Don't mind what that trailer says about PlayStations; it is coming to Windows and Mac too.

[Disclosure: half of KO-OP Mode attended a birthday party at Rumpus House during GDC. However, I did not know this and slept jetlagged through most of the party. When I emerged several hours into things, everyone had run out of japery and sat around a table batting at deflating balloons. I expect better from Rumpus House pledges.]

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