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Goat Simulator 3 screams onto PC on November 17th

If you can’t bleat them then join them in co-op

Goats. Why do they exist, and what makes them so loud? Goat Simulator 3 might not answer these deep questions when it bursts onto PC on November 17th, but you can bet it’ll make a lot of noise anyway. Watch the trailer below for a sneaky peek at what's next for the wacky even-toed ungulates.

Goat Simulator 3 is out on November 17th, and looks just as weird as the original game.

Goat Simulator 3 follows Pilgor the goat as they set off for the island of San Angora, which devs Coffee Stain say has “mysteries that need solving, chaos that needs causing, and friendships that need breaking”. Sounds like Goat Simulator alright. If you grab the pre-order version, dubbed Pre-Udder Edition, you’ll get some in-game jiggling udders. Yep, deffo sounds like Goat Simulator’s back.

“I wouldn’t exactly say we’re ‘proud’ to be bringing Pilgor’s antics back to players in November, but that’s definitely what we’re doing,” Coffee Stain North’s creative director Santiago Ferrero said. “And at that time of year you won’t have much reason to leave the house anyway - you might as well be playing a new Goat Sim game.”

This third-but-really-second instalment in the Goat Simulator series was announced at last month’s Summer Games Fest with a trailer that paid homage to that of Deep Silver’s missing-in-action Dead Island 2. Goat Simulator 3’s an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC for the moment. It’ll add co-op to the already silly udder-related action.

Goat Simulator 3 lands on the Epic Games Store on November 17th. You’ll be able to find it on Xbox and PlayStation too.

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