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God's Got Game: Skyward Collapse Trailer

By the time I've finished writing this paragraph, I expect Arcen Games to have written, coded and released 17 games, with additional DLC and ports. They've already released procedurally generated platform RPG A Valley Without Wind 2 and disappointing environmental puzzle game Shattered Haven this year, while turfing out hefty patches in preparation for an AI War expansion pack. And now I'm told turn-based 4x strategic god-game Skyward Collapse is out before the end of May. Guys, slow down! I can't write that fast.

The game has an interesting precept. You're the creator. You can squeeze gods from your own hands, create artifacts and creatures from Norse and Greek mythology, but don't have control of any of the factions under your gaze. At the same time you must encourage the side to go to war while keeping the world of in balance. In essence, prod the people into fighting, but not allowing either side to win. It seems like a turn-based strategy game with a hint of The Sims: you can only influence how people work, trade, and fight, though you have direct control over the buildings and resources.

An example.

But you can't just strip them of the ability to gear up for war: roaming bandits make defense essential. Not to mention, crime in each village goes up and up the longer it's without a military presence, until it collapses into anarchy. You can construct embassies and assign traveling diplomats to them in an effort to reach a state of enlightenment where crime is no longer a threat, but this is difficult and only affects the two villages that are undergoing peace talks; their neighbors will remain as warlike as ever!

Free will is not a good trait to give people when you're tasked to keep them in check. Subjugation all the way. See the trailer below for a peek. It's not comprehensive, but shows off the art style and a few of the choices available.

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The beta will launch on May 23rd. Oh look, they're working on another game.

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