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Seasonal Bargains: GOG Autumn Sale Now On

'Fall', if you insist

Fog is rolling across Edinburgh, this morning I slipped on a wet leaf and almost impaled myself on a fence, smoke curls out of chimneys in the evening, tomorrow Britain LARPs V for Vendetta, and video games are on sale. Ah, autumn! GOG have leapt on that seasonal feeling by launching their 'Big Fall Sale' this afternoon.

Along with loads of discounts, daily deals, bundles, and all that, the virtuous virtual vendors of vintage (and virgin!) video games are offering bonus games free if you buy more. Spend £3.29 on anything and you'll get System Shock 2 free, for starters.

Sales and deals are splattered all across GOG's site. They explain it'll bring "11 days of new daily deals every 12 hours, a new set of bundles every 24 hours and free games to unlock." Crumbs. You'll want to check in often if you want maximo-bargains, then.

As they say, there are free games too. Free-ish. Free if you buy stuff. Spend at least $5 (£3.29) during the sale and you'll get excellent vintage FPS-RPG System Shock 2 (have you played it?), fun FPS The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena (read Wot Jim Thought of it) comes if you spend $15 (£9.79), and buying at least $30 (£19.49) of games gets you town-builder Banished too (here's Wot Alec Thought). If the sales are worth it, those aren't bad bonuses.

The sale's launch lineup includes half-price Pillars of Eternity, 30% off The Witcher 3, half-price TIS-100, Gone Home for £3 [disclosure: I'm chummy with some of its makers], Far Cry 2 for £1.69, and plenty of other games old and new. I'm obviously not listing everything, so do sound off in the comments if you want to point something out to everyone; tell us why you dig it!

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