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GOG's big spring sale has started, is great

Good games is right

You'd think I should have learned that spring follows winter but no, spring is almost here and here I am surprised again. GOG are so keen for spring to arrive that they've launched a spring sale a fortnight early (astronomical seasons rule ok). Over 500 games are on sale from today through to Sunday, including some real crackers. GOG don't just do old games these days, remember. It's a good'un with good games at good prices. I've picked out a few from the megalist myself but please do share your personal picks in the comments too.

There are load of obvious picks all across GOG's site so, er, here are some of those obvious picks but also a few you might not think of.

Broforce for £2.99 (75% off). Big-bang shooty platforming with squillions of cameos from action movie stars. I don't massively dig it myself but do respect Wot Adam Thinks.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons for £1.99 (85% off). Heart-tugging puzzle-platforming with the neat idea of directing two brothers with each half of a controller. Check out Wot John Thinks and Brendan's Have You Played? thoughts.

Crypt of the Necrodancer for £2.79 (75% off). The rhythm dungeon crawler was one of Pip's favourite games of 2015 and, as she's away today, she'd be jolly riled if I didn't mention it.

Darkest Dungeon for £9.49 (50% off). Fantastic tactical RPG action with mmmostly fair megapunishing difficulty - and now a shorter, less grindy mode too. Our favourite dungeon crawler of 2016. Check out The Mechanic's look at its combat too.

Invisible Inc for £4.99 (67% off). Wonderful turn-based stealth from Klei, and one of our favourites of 2015. See also: Wot Quinns Thought; The RPS Verdict; and The Mechanic.

Kentucky Route Zero for £10.90 (50% off). Absolutely vital magical realist adventure. It started amazing, continued to be great, and yup, still is. Roll on episode 5!

Shardlight £3.69 (60% off). Wadjet Eye published this post-apocalyptic adventure game. John's Wot I Think called it "Grown up, well written, carefully paced, and genuinely interesting to explore."

Soma for £8.09 (67% off). Spooky-ooky undersea first-person horror from the creators of Amnesia. Read Wot Adam Thought. If you're a mega-babby, you might be interested in this non-violence mod.

Tales from the Borderlands for £4.79 (75% off). I don't like Borderlands or many Telltale games but I dug this silly sci-fi adventure.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GotY Edition for £20.99 (40% off). The Witcher 3 is amazing and so are its two expansions. The best open-world game of 2015 and one of the prettiest, best-written, and best-acted RPGs. The Mechanic; folklore not fantasy; Cobbo looking back; The Women of The Witcher 3; and Alec's diaries.

The Witness for £15 (50% off). J. Blo's puzzle island is a treat for the eyes and a source of scratching for the head. Our favourite puzzle game of 2016. See also: our Wot I Think; The Mechanic; Pip's look at its world; the joys of taking notes.

Way of the Samurai 4 £10.99 (50% off). Silly 'historical' RPG in a small but wildly branching sandbox world. I really dug Cobbo's look at its replayability so for half-price, yeah, I might bite.

This spring sale will end on March 12th at 11pm UTC. That's a week before spring even starts, you big sillies.

There are many, many more great games on sale. If you're incensed over any I left out, tell us all why it's great won't you?

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