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The GOG Black Friday sale is now on

If you prefer your PC games DRM-free...

Alright bargain-hunters, here's another one for you: GOG's Black Friday sale has now started. It might not be as big as Steam's sale (check out our Steam Autumn Sale recommendations) but GOG's games are (mostly) DRM-free, and many of their good discounts are the same. Deals include 90% off Shadow Tactics, half-price Cyberpunk 2077, 80% off The Witcher 3 GotY... yeah, these will do nicely.

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GOG started a wee pre-Black Friday sale earlier this week, and now the main thing is on. Hit GOG for the Black Friday bonanza with thousands of discounts. Games which caught my eye include:

Some of GOG's deals are cheaper than on Steam, some are more expensive. But you do get the games DRM-free, which I know is important to some. And GOG do stock some vintage games you won't find on Steam either. Reader dear, what else do you recommend?

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