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Good News: Jet Set Radio HD Will Launch

We have, of course, alerted you to the existence of the absolutely wonderful Jet Set Radio's HD remake (and first ever appearance on PC), but there's one thing even our 120 percent proven brain-and-attractiveness-boosting infobytes didn't include: a release date. Truth be told, I feared there wasn't ever going to be one. I just figured Sega was playing some cruel joke on all of us - serving up mouthwatering morsels of its graffiti-covered opus, but never delivering the main course. And somewhere, Sega brass would just laugh and laugh while our dreams of rocket-powered skating shenanigans poofed into bitter nothingness. But that'd be a pretty silly way to run a business, so Sega's doing the normal "exchange money for good and services" thing instead.

Specifically, Jet Set Radio will be coming to Steam on September 19th, and it'll run you $9.99/£5.99. Given that it's a modern (oh god, when did 12 years pass?) classic, that seems like a more-than-acceptable deal to me. Steam pre-orders aren't up yet, but probably expect them at some point soon-ish.

For the uninitiated, the original was a gloriously stylish ode to youthful rebellion - both in terms of visuals and soundtrack. In short, it was about skating fast, tagging walls (and occasionally people), and fleeing from bands of hilariously identical police. As a Dreamcast-owning youth, it brought me tremendous joy while also imparting the aforementioned wholesome values.

And now a new generation will be able to have a similar formative experience. Or will they? I mean, the last boombox went extinct 42 years ago, and nowadays, "tagging a wall" merely means posting a rude picture on Facebook. World, what happened? You used to be so cool.

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