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Goofy physics game Totally Reliable Delivery Service arrives today

One star for you, sir.

Silly ragdoll game Totally Reliable Delivery Service is arriving on the (digital) doorstep of anyone who wants it today. It's got the jello-like little humans similar to the goofs of Gang Beasts and Human Fall Flat. Turns out delivering packages efficiently is nigh impossible when you're basically an invertebrate. For its first week in the wild, you can grab Totally Reliable Delivery Service free for keeps.

TinyBuild say that in the noodle-armed ragdoll sandbox you'll "work together (or against each other) to deliver packages to customers using a variety of vehicles and odd machines. Safe deliveries are rewarded, but mayhem is highly encouraged!" You can spot a bunch of entirely impractical vehicles in the trailer like propeller planes, speedboats, and rockets? Is that a rocket? These little spaghetti folks need a delivery workers union, pronto.

You can play local co-op with three friends if you're all stuck at home together or online co-op if everyone you game with is stuck apart. Given that it's free for a week, it shouldn't even be terribly difficult to wheedle a few buddies into trying it, which is a plus.

You can find TRDS over on the Epic Games Store where it will be free for until April 8th. After that, its normal price is listed at $15.

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