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Gorgeous music-maker Morphê is available now

Ambient daydreams

Exploration and music creation game Morphê looks like just about the perfect place to unwind in right now. Take a hike through some minimalist but colourful mountains, find strange singing obelisks, and relax. Even watching the trailer made me feel about ten times lighter – take a peek below:

It took me a while to realise why this game looks so familiar to me, but it turns out that I played a demo version a couple of years ago. So did Pip, and she described its ambient visualisation of the music you create as “like you’re seeing the game having a daydream.” Isn’t that a lovely thought? The demo does look quite different to the new release, but it’s still available for pay what you want (with no minimum) if you want to get a feel for the mood.

That idle feature is still in the game, so you can leave it running while doing other things if you just want some pretty sounds and images to accompany you. On the other hand, dedicated musicians can combine environmental objects, pre-existing cassette recordings, and even their own added audio to make their perfect track. Then you can record everything to your PC to take it with you outside of the game.

So far, there are winter, desert, and alpine biomes to choose from or flit between, but developers Pixelfoot games hope to add “more secret features and locations” in the future.

The full version of Morphê is available on Steam and itch.io now, and is £2.45/€2.79/$3.39 until the end of October thanks to its 15%-off launch sale.

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