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Grab a free copy of roleplaying strategy game Thea 2 on GOG this week

The giveaway only lasts 48 hours

Hey, you, you like roguelikelike roleplaying 4X strategy doodads with card-based combat? You interested in a game we said was "An imperfect thing that I can't help but feel affectionate towards"? Of course you do, course you like knobbly weird games. So don't miss your chance to grab a copy of 2019's Thea 2: The Shattering free for keepsies as part of GOG's ongoing Spring Festival. You have two days to nab it.

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Hie thee to GOG's front page and scroll down to the giveaway banner then click the button to claim a free copy on your GOG account. This will also sign you up to GOG's mailing list, though you can unsubscribe.

In our Thea 2: The Shattering review, Nic Reuben explained that he wasn't super into a lot of Thea 2's individual elements (of which there are many) but he had a soft spot for the game as a whole.

"Thea 2 isn't the hours I spent numbly crafting and cooking, or the card combat which I ended up auto-resolving ninety percent of the time, or the genuinely frustrating way my beloved Cabbage Joe was mercilessly crushed by a camp of bandits after clicking my way into an unwinnable encounter," he said in 2019. "Thea 2 is the child brought to my villagers via stork, who grew up to be a purple whirlwind demon, and spent their life studying rat corpses so I could learn how to build wishing wells. It's the time my entire party got sick because a demon decided it would be fun to poo in my food supplies. It's friendly dwarves who rob you blind after extending your hospitality, and evil-looking goblins who bestow blessings on you after sharing your food. Thea 2 is interesting in a 'may you live in interesting times' sense. An imperfect thing that I can't help but feel affectionate towards."

Honestly, that's the ideal sort of game to get for free.

The giveaway will end at 2pm on Friday the 1st of April (no really, ha ha, right, yeah). GOG's wider Spring Festival event, which includes a sale as well as demos, will end next Monday, the 4th of April. It's got some good deals, including 65% off Disco Elysium (a discount currently matched on Steam, just fyi).

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