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Grab a whole lotta Quake for free this weekend

Quaking in yer boots.

Have you played Quake? The eldritch lords at RPS HQ don't let me write HYP posts, of course, but I thought I'd ask anyway. See, it's QuakeCon At Home this weekend, and Bethesda are giving away a seminal piece of shooter history - and every character in its arena-blasting descendant Quake Champions - for free 'til the end of tomorrow.

QuakeCon At Home is currently live over on Twitch, and fellow newsie Craig Person's highlighted some of the best sessions to check out during the weekend's festivities. While Quake itself rarely headlines Bethesda's annual showcase, they're giving away the landmark 1996 shooter for free until 11pm EST tomorrow night (that's 4am on Monday morning for us Brits).

Log into the launcher before then, and you'll be able to snag your copy of Quake - and as a bonus, you'll get Quake 2 thrown in for free. See, Bethesda are running a charity drive alongside QuakeCon to raise funds for Direct Relief, the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, UNICEF, and The Trevor Project, and a $10,000 incentive to unlock the '97 sequel appears to have been handily smashed overnight.

They're getting on a bit these days, but Quakes 1 and 2 are still proper great fun. The RPS hivemind reckon the first game's still one of the best PC shooters out there - and as someone who only dipped their toes into Shub-Niggurath's nightmare labyrinth for the first time this year, I'm inclined to agree.

If you prefer a newer flavour of Quake, Bethesda are also having a bit of a giveaway over on free-to-play deathmatch Quake Champions. Logging in will get you a commemorative railgun skin, sure, but completing a single game of the hero shooter will also net you every Champion in the game for free.

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