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Now Rolling: Grand Theft Auto Online's Lowriders Update


Lowriders are something to do with Marmite, as I understand it, so I'm delighted that Rockstar have dedicated an entire Grand Theft Auto Online [official site] update to this sterling British toast topping. Launched today, the Lowriders update adds loads of new ways to customise cars, which I assume include making them look like Marmite jars. You'll also find a fourth purchasable property, new clothes, hairstyles, and accessories, extra missions, and other jazz.

Rockstar say:

"Deck out your engine block with covers and air filters, coat your interiors with velour, leather and patterns, choose custom colors and designs for your dials, or add a new steering wheel and custom shift levers. Give your ride lift with hydraulics - the more powerful the pumps, the higher you can bounce. And boost your stereo’s performance with new speakers and subs in the back.

"Then, meet up with friends and fellow car enthusiasts to show off your new rides – use the Player Interaction Menu while inside or outside the car to open up the vehicle doors, hood and trunk, switch on the engine to flash your neons and bump your favorite radio station for all to admire."

Talk of hydraulics gives me flashbacks to that rubbish Dance Dance Revolution car-bouncing minigame from GTA: San Andreas, which I remember getting stuck on in one missions. I do hope one upgrade is a toaster slot to cook toast in your throbbing engine then slather it with butter and Marmite. Man oh man, it must almost be lunchtime.

Are any of you still playing Grand Theft Auto Online? Hackers running amok seems a bigger problem than - I can't believe I'm saying this - a lack of delicious Marmite. Anyway, have a trailer showing new things from this update:

Watch on YouTube

My Steam has just finished downloading the 1.6GB update, so it should be on its way to you too. It must suck to have a slow or metered Internet connection with downloads like this for optional modes.

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