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Extreme Loveliness In Space: Gravity Ghost

Bitterness reaching critically low levels.

Chill out, RPS. Get mellow. Mellower than that. Mellower. There you go. Now you're ready for Gravity Ghost, a 2D game about floating around in space, using orbits to solve puzzles and progress. As you manoeuvre around planets you grab various powerups, which affect your motion and abilities. Small indie studio Ivy Games have made a game that has no possibility of death or failure, "just hours of blissing out." It's absolutely gorgeous and has a brill soundtrack from FTL's composer. The team recently announced that the game will be coming to Steam on January 26th.

There's something interesting going on with the plot and the style of the story teaser is a different kettle of flying fish to any of the in-game footage. Ivy Games refer to the narrative as "hidden" throughout the game. The afterlife is also a central theme, so it's possible the story will be darker that it seems.

Project lead Erin Robinson has been running semi-regular livestreams of her development of the game. The most recent one featured two other devs who hadn't played the game before going through the early levels. Worth watching (and listening to) for the music alone.

There's a pre-order deal on at the moment with a price reduction to $9.99, purchased through Humble. Here's the PAX trailer from last year, where the game was first shown to the world.

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