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Grey Goo Oozes Launch Trailer Ahead Of Jan 23rd Release

Watch CG aliens why not

On typing Grey Goo into Google, the search box auto-resolved what I was typing into Grey Goose. Might I have just stumbled across the inevitable sequel to Grey Goo, in which its asymmetrical single- and multiplayer is expanded to include a world-ending race of nanogosling, consuming all matter with their honking beaks? Think on this question, I say, while watching the launch trailer for the Grey Goose prequel, which is out on January 23rd.

Before you hit that play button, be warned that there's nothing inside other than CG, not-the-actual-game footage. If you have an allergy to such tomfoolery, escape with your sinuses intact to Alec's recent hands-on impressions piece, inside which you'll find the detail you desire alongside videos showing actual depictions of the game. For those who would prefer to first whet their whistles with some Weta Workshop aliens, robots, war, and alien goop, then click ahead.

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I cut my strategy teeth on games like Command & Conquer and Red Alert and I understand the desire to return to that time of expensive-looking science fiction and a preference for macro- rather than micromanagement. I like that Grey Goo has no builder units to command as you position your factories and so on. But I do wonder whether it'll feel focused or simply old-fashioned. My favourite RTS is Supreme Commander and I like more combat-oriented fare at the other end of the spectrum like World in Conflict - by sitting somewhere in the middle, I don't know which itchces Grey Goo is going to scratch.

Grey Goose meanwhile turned out to be a kind of vodka.

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