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Gruesome RPG Death Trash arrives in early access this August

It's very… meaty

RPS have been writing about the upcoming hellish, meaty, yet gorgeous-looking RPG Death Trash for years, and now we finally know when we'll get to play it. It's coming out in early access on August 5th, inviting players to a cyberpunk wasteland full of pure disgusting stuff - like giant flesh monsters and collecting your own puke. But honestly, it looks great.

Death Trash is set on a planet that humans colonised, then quickly left after they unearthed ancient secrets that they probably shouldn't have. You play as one of the many outcasts who roams this open-world wasteland, either befriending or murdering the machines and monsters you find in it.

The landscapes look excellent. You've got vast deserts, dark and bloody labs, ominous caves and forests filled with guts and meat-bits. I never knew pixel-art could look so gross, yet so inviting at the same time.

Developed by Stephan Hövelbrinks (the solo dev of studio Crafting Legends), the game is influenced by "cyberpunk, science fiction, horror, the grotesque, sex and trash-talk humor". What a mix!

Death Trash is singleplayer, though it has local co-op (either shared or split-screen) so you and one pal can go through the campaign together. You both make your own characters with individual inventories and stats, but you'll share quest progress.

The game arrives in early access on Steam on August 5th. It'll stay there for about a year, and Hövelbrinks plans on adding more story stuff during its time in early access.

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Death Trash

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