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Befriending The Fleshkraken: Death Trash

Friends, foes, flesh

Death Trash [official site] is the distant relation to Fallout that went for a walk on the wild side of the Wasteland and never came back. Grungy, dirty, sexy and sweary, it's an RPG that pushes pixels so hard that they become pukey fleshpiles and frien-seeking fleshkrakens. I'd only seen mini animated gifs and screenshots until now but the first extended footage of the game is below, showing combat, the map, inventory management, a shoot-out in a bar, and some dialogue with the afore-mentioned fleshkraken. It's surprisingly sweet.

Cover image for YouTube video

As the title says, this is an early prototype. Everything could change, from the dialogue to the size of those health bars to the cowardice of the patrons in the Puke Bar. Just because somebody starts firing shells into anything that moves, that's no excuse to drop your drink and run. I expect Pukers to be made of sterner stuff - although it's entirely possible that they planned the ambush just outside the front door, I guess.

There's an extended version of this video that spends more time with each individual scene. The game isn't due anytime soon ('2017 or later') but, damn, I do like looking at it.

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