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Death Trash's demo is still available after end of Steam Next Fest

A permanent demo, like they all used to be

We've been writing about Death Trash since 2015, and it'll launch in early access at last on August 5th. You don't have to wait five weeks to play it, though. The demo - one of the best of the Steam Next Fest - has been made permanently available.

Remember when demos used to all be permanent? Hello, we're both old.

Announcing its permanence in a Steam blog post, its developer said that if you like the demo, you can buy the early access release if you "want a few more hours of that." The early access build will include the first chapter, and they're hoping to have a final release available in 2022, after gathering feedback on "game feel, usability, variety, progression".

Death Trash is a post-apocalyptic RPG in a Fallout-ish mold, in which you wander a wasteland, shape your character via stats, and either fight or chat through the world's inhabitants. It's got more influences than just the '90s classic RPG though, including "cyberpunk, science fiction, horror, the grotesque, sex and trash-talk humor".

It also seems to be set in a world full of meat and guts. Or, put another way, one of the demo patch notes on the above linked Steam post is, "fixed puke sometimes dropping on other side of character."

You can download the Death Trash demo via Steam now

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