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GTA IV On PC To Be GTA VI By Time GTA V Comes Out

OK, maybe not officially, but modders are ensuring that Grand Theft Auto IV continues to sprout bells and whistles like a million retail chains the second Christmas shopping season starts. It's become remarkably more attractive, gained entire landmasses, and received the most important upgrade of all: Iron Man. But that's not enough. It can never be enough. So modders have taken to grandly thieving Grand Theft Auto V's features and cramming them under GTA IV's hood. First up: cross-city character-swapping.

Quite the thing, huh? It's more than a superficial send-up of GTA V's secret weapon, too. The core features of the system - including some at least rudimentary AI for the characters you're not playing - are fully in place. So says the introductory post on GTA X Scripting:

"When we change to other char the old one will wander around or evade from cops if wanted level is greater than zero. Each char has his own health, armor, ammo and vehicle."

The characters in question are conflicted war criminal and that most formidable of cousins Niko Bellic, Johnny from GTA IV's Lost and the Damned DLC, and Luis from The Ballad of Gay Tony. I want to bring them all together and have a gang war against myself.

The mod's creators warn of potential bugs, but you can still take it for a spin right now. Now then, can anyone just, like, mod all of Red Dead Redemption into GTA IV? I think that would be very good of them to do.

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