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Gunbrella’s release date sees its Murdery Poppins float down to shoot monsters in the face later this month

Brolly a good time

Gunbrella's player character prepares to wall jump in a castle-like level
Image credit: Devolver Digital

Gunbrella continues to look top-notch, the side-scrolling action-adventure serving up a does-what-it-says-on-the-tin approach to combining the floaty platforming of an umbrella with the shoot-everything-in-the-face simplicity of a gun. Now we know when we’ll be able to actually play it - and it’s soon!

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Gunbrella will glide gracefully down onto PC on September 13th, newly Devolver-owned devs Doinksoft have announced. Alongside that date comes a new gameplay trailer, showing Gunbrella’s gruff woodsman hero seeking revenge with brolly in hand by hopping around and shotgunning a load of grizzly Lovecraftian creatures. There’s a lot of rain, a couple of boats, a train and a deeply unsettling chorus of children singing that I now can’t clear out of my brain. Thanks, Gunbrella.

The gameplay also showcases Gunbrella’s floaty-shooty platforming, the manoeuvrable hero hopping between walls and dashing through the air while firing off shots. That same movement will also be used to discover secrets in the metroidvania-like world as the woodsman upgrades the murder-brolly with collected scrap and parts and backtracks to locations during their investigation.

The hero jumps into the air to shoot a one-eyed monster boss in Gunbrella
Image credit: Devolver Digital

The game’s story will follow the revenge plot of the main character as they venture into a strange town in search of answers, before apparently finding that the solution to their questions is to shoot a lot of supernatural monsters, kidnapper cultists and other baddies.

Gunbrella’s release on September 13th will set you back £12.79 over on Steam. Buying the game ahead of its release will net you access to Doinksoft’s previous metroidvania Gato Roboto and access to Gunbrella’s demo, which previously popped up during Steam Next Fest and won over Rachel with its grim atmosphere and slick feel.

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