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Gunstacking: Stack Guns On Guns On Guns

We all love the Serious Sam games. Who doesn't enjoy clicking on bad guys in the face to make them die? But it's hard to take them too seriously when Sam's always been limited to one weapon per hand. What self respectable action hero doesn't dream of wielding a small army's worth of firearms at any given time? Serious Sam: Double D looks like it's set to rectify this heinous design oversight from the rest of the series. I introduce you to Gunstacking.

Double D is part of the Serious Sam Indie Series, helmed by one man indie powerhouse Nathan Fouts of Mommy's Best Games. Here he is attempting to explain this beautiful monstrosity:

When designing Double D, rather than dump all of Croteam's original guns and start from scratch I decided it'd be fun to take on the biggest of Mental's baddies with all your guns blazing at once. The way you'll get to do that is with the Gun Stacker system. Hidden throughout all sorts of sneaky places you'll find a Gun Stacker connector piece. This is a small robotic arm, that when applied, not only allows you to hold an extra gun, it also connects the firing of the second gun to the primary gun. (Squeeze the trigger and all your guns start firing, throttled only by refire and reload times.)

Sold, basically. Although that's a point, I can't seem to find an answer as to how these are going to be distributed. Promotional freebies funded by the Serious Sam 3 marketing budget? Free when you preorder Serious Sam 3? Or perhaps sold separately at a low cost. (UPDATE: "For SSDD on PC, we're working on a Steam deal (probably June-ish), then 360 a little later (working on XBLA deal)." - Nathan Fouts)

Here's some off screen footage, courtesy of IGN's wobblecam:

More details here.

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