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Hacknet Labyrinths expansion jacking in next week

Hack the planet

The Labyrinths expansion for command line hacking sim Hacknet will finally launch next Friday, a few months later than initially planned. RPS resident l33t d00d Brendan has declared Hacknet to be the second-best computerating game so more of that sounds grand. Labyrinths will add a big new chunk of campaign, with such fun as collaborating with other l33t (NPC) hackers through IRC and using new tools to hack the planet. Have a peek in this trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

Here's the official word on what Labyrinths brings:

"Adding a new 3-4 hour chapter to the original game, Hacknet Labyrinths sees the player recruited by the mysterious Kaguya to join a small team of elite hackers. Working together the other members of the team, the player will take on a series of perilous data heists in a quest for powerful new tools and programs.

"The expansion features a new series of networks to explore and puts new tools at the player's disposal, including the Memory Analyzer, capable of performing memory forensics on RAM on any server in the game, revealing new secrets and programs. Labyrinths will also include a killer new soundtrack featuring Remi (AKA The Algorithm), HOME, and synth superstar OGRE."

Labyrinths is due to hit Steam and the Humble Store on Friday, March 31st. It'll cost $4.99 for the launch week but the regular price will be $6.99.

As for Hacknet in general, Brendan (who is currently on holiday, presumably fleeing the authorities after hacking the Gibson) would surely want me to pass on his message that the Uplink-inspired hack 'em up is proper good stuff. As he said in 2015:

"Only released in August this year, Hacknet was one of the most criminally overlooked games I can think of. It puts you back in the role of a computer user trawling through IP addresses amid various underground hacker communities. An unknown benefactor known as 'Bit' has granted you this strange new OS, basically a hacker's toolkit. But don't worry about him because he's dead. The real joy of the game comes not from figuring out his death or the origins of the OS (although that's a decent hook), but from using the command-line to run programs, explore the directories of your targets and generally cause a big ruckus."

Don't let The Man trace your IP, Brendan. Keep on running.

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