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Cooperative sneak-o-hacker Hacktag is out now


Hacktag, the two-player cooperative stealth game where one player is a field agent sneaking around megacorp facilities and the other's a hacker jacking the building's datanet, is now properly out. Hacktag caught my eye when it hit early access last year but I'd rather wait until it was finished, and now it is. I'll have to round up a pal who fancies being a giant anthropomorphic animal and join me on capers. For now, here's word that it's out.

There are megacorps in the future, see, and we get to play fuzzy mercenaries (yes, you can customise your fuzzball) breaking into buildings on corporate shenanigans. The agent sneaks around, dodging guards and getting into places the hacker can't touch virtually, while the hacker drifts around a visualised version of the same level, hacking everything from doors to coffee machines to help the agent break in and evade capture.

Both the sneaking and the hacking look fairly simple, not full-on Metal Gear Solid or Uplink, but combining the two in one game while playing with a pal sounds nice.

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Hacktag focuses on cooperative play, supporting both split-screen and online action. However, it does also have a Solo mode where the player needs to switch between the two characters on the go, presumably also talking to themself in different voices.

After eight months in early access, Hacktag launched in full last week. It costs £11.61/€14.99/$14.99 on Steam right now, which includes the 25% launch discount offered until Wednesday. It's made by Piece Of Cake Studios.

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