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Halo 4 launches next week, capping The Master Chief Collection

The Halo has finally come full circle

The year 2020 sure has been full of game delays and surprises, but one thing we've been able to count on is the man in the big green getup arriving every couple months. That's right, The Master Chief Collection will finally be complete when Halo 4 launches next Tuesday, November 17th.

After going through testing with Halo Insiders last month, Halo 4 is finally ready for official spartan space fights. It's the last game being added to The Master Chief Collection, but 343 Industries have said in a previous post that this won't be the end of updates coming to the collection. The era of live service warthogs on.

"We will continue bug fixing and delivering quality of life improvements while bringing in new season content, features, customization abilities, and new ways to play across campaign and multiplayer," 343 say. "We welcome feedback and will have more details to share on upcoming features in the coming months as we finish up current features such as file share and custom game browser. "

As with the other MCC games on PC, Halo 4 has some modern touches for your modern hardware. It allows for 4k resolutions and 60 frames per second. "Other PC native settings include customizable mouse and keyboard support, ultrawide support, FOV customization and more," 343 say.

"With the release of Halo 4, we are adding several new graphics settings on PC such as the ability to adjust UI gamma and detail independently of game gamma and detail," they also said in that October post. "We will also be adding tweakable settings for in-game graphics quality, shadow quality, effects quality, details quality, and anisotropic filtering. Players will be able to choose from standard, performance, and enhanced settings for each of these. For the release of Halo 4, these settings will apply to all games and in a future update, we will allow players to tweak these on a per-game basis. "

I'm not a modern Halo-er, personally, but fellow newser Natalie Clayton had a play during Halo 4's flighting tests and found both some good and bad. Plasma weapons are in the good column, as of her play time, while warthogs are in the bad, alas.

You can hop in the Halo 4 driver's seat yourself when it launches next Tuesday, November 17th. It's available on the Windows Store, Steam, and will be included in the Xbox Game Pass.

That's it. No "but wait, there's more!" Nope, Halo 5 isn't joining the MCC. After Halo 4's out, your next Master Chiefing will be Halo Infinite sometime next year.

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