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Halo Infinite details battle pass season one, Heroes Of Reach

Get your helmet on

We already knew that Halo Infinite's battle passes won't expire, but now 343 Industries have revealed more about its first season to IGN.

Season 1 of Halo Infinite's battle pass will be called "Heroes Of Reach", as announced back in June, and will feature cosmetic item rewards drawn from Halo: Reach. This works by letting you unlock an armor core - the base you plug other cosmetic items into - and then start customising it with mix-and-matched items drawn from Reach's cast of soldiers.

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"For us, the system that's been created with the [armor] core at the center, and then all of the attachments that players can choose to add," head of design Jerry Hook tells IGN. "Do you want Emile's knives? You want Jorge's grenades? Mix and match how you want to create your own, or if you're just like, 'No, I want to look exactly like Jun' then you can do that. And for the first time, you can look exactly like Kat with the prosthetic arm."

The developers also spoke to IGN about what won't be in the battle passes. We already knew that there would be no loot boxes, for example, but they also say they felt "that more traditional players would reject Master Chief flossing." That means no dancing Spartans, but there will be emotes for the "Personal AI" - NPC soldiers - that players can bring with them into multiplayer.

There will be cosmetic rewards to earn via the campaign and weekly challenges, not just via the battle pass, and since battle passes don't expire, you'll eventually have multiple and can swap them out at any time to determine which one you're currently making progress in. You can read IGN's chat with 343 Industries for more details.

Halo Infinite is out on December 8th.

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