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Halo Infinite's winter update brings new maps with lovely architecture

Built entirely within the new Forge beta

Halo Infinite's winter update will finally bring network co-op and the Forge Beta to the drips-and-drabs scifi shooter. While those are large, long-coveted features, a new trailer focuses on a couple of smaller additions: two new multiplayer maps, and a new mode, Covert One Flag. And one of the maps looks particularly lovely.

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The two new maps are Argyle and Detachment, but it's the former that interests me most. Developers 343 describe the map as a "tight, indoor, symmetrical map" set within "the narrow corridors of a UNSC vessel", but I just love its architecture. It's split levels, high ceilings, long drops into shadowy voids, and needlessly angular wall struts remind me of Natural Selection or Quake community levels. In particular, it reminded me of something nunuk might have created - before I remembered that, oh yeah, nunuk now goes by the name Sparth and was art director on Halo Infinite.

I could only be more interested in this if it was called Argyll instead and set in Oban.

The other interesting thing about Argyle is that it's the first map "built entirely within Forge", the level editor that's coming to Halo Infinite with the winter update. Detachment, the other map, was built in it too, and it mixes similar indoor areas with more open outdoor spaces.

Covert One Flag mode, meanwhile, is a round-based variant on One Flag CTF. Teams are split into attackers and defenders with slightly different tools; attackers have Active Camo, while defenders have Threat Sensors to help spot those sneaky opponents trying to steal their flag.

Halo Infinite's winter update will arrive on November 8th.

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