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Rumouramus! Harry Potter open-world action-RPG footage supposedly leaked

Cor, wizard!

If you want to murder monsters as a wizard, video games already have you well-covered. But if you wish to murder monsters as an official Harry Potter's Wizardly World Of Wizards And Wizarding wizard at Hogwarts? You'd better cross your fingers and hope that supposed leaked video footage of a shiny new wiztacular going round today is real. The rumour says an open-world action-RPG let us create our own wizkid to attend Hogwarts in the 19th century and zap baddies. Rumours also whisper that Just Cause developers Avalanche may be behind it. If it's real.

Reddit user "VapeThisBro" claimed to have snuck in their phone to record a video of a presentation during a survey focus group doodad at a mall. Sounds weird, but such tests do happen.

VapeThisBro claimed to have transcribed marketing materials explaining that we'll play a 5th year Hogwarts student able to track an ancient power, dealing with trouble inside the school walls and out by learning spells, crafting potions, and doing all that wizard stuff. We'll get to create our own wizard, pick their school house, and be able to make 'em a nice or naughty wizard and all. It does look pretty fancy in the supposed video, which would be extravagant for a hoax.

Warner Bros. are using copyright claims to take the video offline, which would be very naughty indeed if this weren't something they owned. Even so, it could be a pitch concept or some other doodad which won't necessarily become a full game. Or it will. Who knows. Leak me up.

Eurogamer say they've heard it seems Avalanche are making such a game, and Polygon reckon so too. BBC News entertainment fella Lizo Mzimba says he's heard it's named Harry Potter Magic Awakened.

Eurogamer point out that this link still works to watch the video, though who knows how much longer that'll be up. Videos in convenient-to-watch places are either pulled or mucked up with in terrible ways with terrible voiceovers. ABRACADABRA, VANISH ME AWAY! WIZZAM!

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